Any Rachel user?

Please, if there is any Rachel user in Nigeria, I would like to link up.


Hello @paddy
I recently stumbled across RachelPi and I have been able to get a pi3 up and running. How and where do you plan to use Rachel?

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I have been using Rachel for several months now and have helped schools built using RPI.


Interesting. I’ve got a number of questions and I would be happy to tap from your experience.
How have you used it and can you please share your experience deploying Rachel in Nigeria. Whereabouts in Nigeria have you had any deployments? Any approximate numbers of deployments? Number of Users per deployment? What’s the overall impression over there about Rachel (and offline learning content)?

Amazing. Please where in Nigeria are you?
Can I be able to get the Rachel image from you?

Lagos. And I’ve only got the 64GB image for RachelPi. Sure thing I can share. Perhaps we can collaborate on projects as well

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I very much interested too. How can get to you?

Pls, contact me on 08107470203

Yes you can but linking up will be the challenge.

So far, I have helped to deploy it in four centres/schools in Ogun State. For example, at Baptist Boys High School, the students visit their computer room to access content on the Rachel to learn and/or complete assignments. There are 21 computer systems in the lab and all of them are able to access the device at the same time because the systems are networked. Using RPI will allow for a maximum of 10 computer systems (users) at the same.

The schools and students love the fact that it does not take several minutes to load its content especially videos unlike working online. Students are restricted to the contents loaded on the device without allowing them to stray to contents not meant for students.
Contents provided by each school have been added to the ones in the image file for the students too.


This is good to hear. Am very much interested in Education.
Lets chat up on whatsapp: 08183005034

Unfortunately I’m not on WhatsApp. You can reach me via Telegram using the link below

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That’s alright.
Unfortunately am not on Telegram either.
Please let me have your email/number. I plan coming to Lagos this month ending God’s willing.

Hi everyone, since we have a number of active RACHEL users in Nigeria, I was wondering if you all could let us know whether the math, science, and Nigerian exam prep content from would be useful to your users? They have contacted us to offer their content, and we would love your help evaluating it!

Nicole at World Possible

I can see a value add if the content is available on Rachel. Although the content is limited to Mathematics, students will find it beneficial. I am currently trying to grow my offering to cover secondary schools and with Nigerian specific content like this it will be easy pushing through the decision makers


Nice, welcomed idea.

Quick question @NicoleC what category of software does Rachel fall under? So for example Microsoft Excel will be categorised as a spreadsheet, Outlook an email client and Google Chrome a Web browser. What general classification can be applied to RACHEL? It’s easier discussing it mentioning the classification than what I currently do which is trying to explain what it does. Hopefully I can get a nice name from you or the rest of the community.

We are interested in starting a Rachel chapter in Nigeria - concentrating in rural community secondary and elementary schools. We would like to coordinate with the ministry of education so their curriculum could be integrated into Rachel program. Is that possible and if it is, what would be the best steps/process to follow.

Hi again, that’s great to hear! We already have a couple of volunteers working on this, it would be great for you to connect with them. Here’s one thread: World possible chapter in nigeria.

And here’s some additional info on our website about starting a World Possible chapter: Coordinating with the Ministry of Education to integrate their curriculum onto RACHEL would be a great project to start with!