Backing up modules

I am wondering if there is a way to backup and restore kolibri modules, esp Khan. Any suggestions?

Hi Brian,
I think you mean Kolibri channels. Kolibri is a module that runs on RACHEL, but within Kolibri, it has a number of channels that offer content, like Khan Academy.
You can EXPORT Kolibri channels & then IMPORT them on another device or the same device if they are accidentally lost.
I don’t have access to a Kolibri server at the moment but as I recall, you must log in as Super Admin (I think that’s what they call it now), then go to Devices (I believe). Then you should be able to IMPORT or EXPORT a channel.
Sorry that I can’t tell you definitively, but I haven’t tried to import or export a channel for about 6 months.
If you still have trouble, let me know & I can get you in touch with someone from Learning Equality that can definitely help you.