Can i change the name "rachel"? to my

Please, I want to ask if its possible to change the name “RACHEL” showing on my Rachel software to my preferred name?

@paddy Hi, thank you for inquiring. I just want to clarify your question, do you want to change the
Wi-Fi name? Please reply and I will get back to you soon.

@paddy Hi Paddy, I am getting back to you again for the inquiry you made on how to change SSID Name (Wi-Fi Name ) to your preffered name.

Here’s the steps:

-On your searching engine (while connected to Rachel) Please, enter this Ip - address to direct you to the wireless setting portal of Rachel router.

-You will, then, be required to enter the username and password before accessing the portal.
Username: admin
Password: Rachel+1

  • Go to Wireless Setting platform, then you can change the SSID Name to your preffered name.

  • Then press the Save button
    After few seconds of pressing Save button, the Rachel Wi-Fi connection will disconnect from your device and issuing you with a new SSID Name of your preference in your Wi-Fi networks available. Then, you will have to connect to a new Wi-Fi Signal of your preference in your computer’s Wi-Fi networks selections to connect your computer to Rachel again.

I hope this will help!
Please feel free to inquire if not satisfied!


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Thanks for replying me.
Please refer to the attached image file.
The “RACHEL” on the top of the home page boldly written is what I want to know if i can change to my prefer name when making my DIY offline server.

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Thanks, paddy. Unfortunately that isn’t supported on the DIY server.