Content Suggestion (Arabic): Eileen

Hi all,

Here are some sites to investigate to add Arabic content. I requested open sourced content only however I can’t validate they are all open source. (confirmed open sourced on English About Us page) (open source video classes) (Eng or Arabic from upper right corner, change the language)

Please let me know if you need an Arabic translator to help navigate the pages, I could put you in touch with a couple.


Hi Jeremy, thank you for posting these links! Could you help put me in touch with an Arabic translator?


hello @akash – this was me posting an e-mail from Eileen Brewer. I will connect you via e-mail, what is your e-mail?

Hey Jeremy, my email is

Thank you again!


I’m an Arabic native speaker. Arabic about us page doesn’t state anything about open source or creative commons. The footer states “All Rights Reserved” Arabic about us page says open courses but not open source. same as the 1st site.

Hi @akash and all, was there any development with making these sites into modules, in particular I can also help reach out to them (in Arabic) and others to help facilitate passing of open source content.

Hi, I’m an Arabic native speaker in case any translation from or into Arabic is needed.


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Hi all, thanks for your kind offers to help with translations and getting in touch with these content providers! I have created a new form letter to send to content providers who share their educational materials freely with online users, but haven’t openly licensed their content.

However, I think we should check with our tech team to make sure it’s something that we could easily add to RACHEL before contacting them. @jfield what do you think of this content?

That’s a beautiful site! And it would be wonderful to expand our Arabic collection.

Two things to consider: 1) They don’t seem to be under an OER license and 2) the site is highly dynamic (based on OpenEdX), so it would probably require someone on their team to help take it offline.

I’m happy to provide guidance where I can!

Sorry - that reply was only referring to the site that salah mentioned - just scrolled up and saw the other ones. is also a dynamic site, so also would require their input. would be easier than the other two to offline – mainly just a video collection – if we had permission that could be done by us.

Thanks for the quick reply, @jfield! What do those of you who speak Arabic think about menaversity? From what I can tell, it looks like the courses are geared toward university-level students and adults, is that correct? Could you let us know what subjects it covers, and whether you think it would be useful for the RACHEL users you know?