Content Versioning

@timm wrote in email:

We recently noticed that radio labs has been updated. Is there any way to know that there is a new version > from the catalog (

I’m working on a download ui for iiab.

My response:

I just added “version” to the data returned in json. The string is free form, and can have any value, by convention we are now using a simplified semantic versioning where the strings look like “v1.2” where major content overhauls would be reflected in the “v1” portion, and bug fixes / minor patches would be reflected in the “.2” portion.

However for older modules you’re more likely to see a date like “2016.06”. As I update old modules I change the version string to reflect the new format.

In my update code in contentshell, I don’t try to parse the version number, I just check for an exact match. If it doesn’t match, I pull the version that’s on the dev server. In theory this could result in a downgrade if you’ve somehow got a newer version on your local box, but in practice I don’t think this will be a problem.