Disabling wifi?

What is the recommended procedure for disabling WI-FI on a RACHEL Plus 3.0? We plan to attach our RACHEL Plus to an existing network that already provides WI-FI connectivity. The button to disable WI-FI on the hardware page only disables WI-FI until the next reboot. I am looking for a more permanent solution. Thanks!

  • Rich

Hi @rsegal - if you want to permanently disable WiFi, you can remove the chips: Remove WiFi or Battery or Hard drive

If you want something more temporary (but not quite as temporary as the button), I believe you’d have some options in the device management section where you can rename the SSID and filter MAC addresses, but I don’t have specific guidance there.

I was hoping to find something a little less permanent than removing the chips :slight_smile:

I looked through the device management section but its not clear anything there will work. I could rename the SSID to something like “DONT-USE” but it will still be visible. I could also restrict the MAC addresses so no-one will be successful in connecting. But there does not seem to be any settings that would turn-off the Wi-Fi or prevent it from broadcasting its SSID.