English learning module

Hi friends,

I cofounded Kaanbal, where we use RACHEL and raspberry pis to bring offline educational contents to rural Mayan communities in Mexico.

Today we made a visit to one of our communities, and they are requesting content that helps their students learn English.

I’ve read other posts in the forum already and from what I understand, there are no specific modules for this yet. Is this so? Or could you point to some options?

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Hi @Camilo_Olea. Our school uses Let’s Go and Rosetta Stone for learning english. I was actually going to post here to see if those tools could be integrated into Rachel.
I will follow up in a separate post.
kind regards, lesley

Hi Lesley!

Thats interesting. Are you using the platforms outside of Rachel then?

Any info you can share would be great. We work with rural Mayan communities in the Yucatan, Mexico.


Hi Camilo,
Yes, we use them on the PC’s in the classroom. We have had 4 PC’s in the classroom (with headsets) until now. All are running Let’s Go software. In January we will add RACHEL and 15 portable Macintosh computers.

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Hi Camilo,
We are using Fantastic Phonics for Children & Fantastic Phonics for Adults. They were both on RACHEL at one time. I know Jeremy is trying to get permission to add them again.

Fantastic Phonics has truly created a wonderful method of getting the children to participate in the learning process. The children think they’re just watching a cartoon, but before you know it, they are learning how to correctly speak English, and how to read it, and how to spell it.

I haven’t seen any other educational program where the children continue to smile while they complete the lesson. The children have no idea they’re learning, they just think they’re having fun.