Hello Friends, Computer Training and Rachel in Arabic

I am trying to help some residents with digital literacy program, I was wondering if you all have a free source computer training can provide me.

Second question is anyone know is there Rachel in Arabic?

That would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Atif, thanks for your question. You can see all current RACHEL modules and search by language at www.oer2go.org. We currently have Wikipedia and Khan Academy in Arabic, which are two of our most popular modules.

We have had some requests for more Arabic content, but we currently have limited staff time to add new modules (which can take several weeks) and would need an Arabic speaker to help us choose which content to add by searching for openly licensed Arabic content. If you find any openly licensed Arabic content (usually you can tell by a Creative Commons “CC-BY” license listed on the website) that you’d like to see on RACHEL, please let us know.

For computer and digital literacy training, here are some resources that might be useful:


Thanks Nicole for getting back, and sharing those links. If i find open source contents will definitely let you know.


Hello Nicole,

Are Arabic OER2go Wikipedia, Khan Academy, and Hesperian Health Guide modules for the RACHEL server or can they be put on a USB for a self-created Rachel-USB (I know the limitations of this)? Also, is the Khan Academy the Lite version or the “on a stick” version. I don’t see these details on the OER2go site. Thanks.


Hi Kristan, all the modules on OER2Go can be downloaded directly onto a USB, tablet, computer, or whatever you like. We currently have two versions of KA Lite in Arabic on OER2Go, one with full videos and one with compressed videos. The sizes of each module are in the descriptions, and you can also preview the whole module in a web browser by clicking on the module title under content preview.

I hope that’s helpful!


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