Latest RACHEL Installation Package

The latest RACHEL installation package for offline installation of DataPost is here:

Installing this package on RACHEL-Plus 3.0 may break your device. This is an early pilot installation. We do not know what will happen in most cases. Use extreme caution when installing this software.

During installation, this software requires you assign a subdomain to your RACHEL device. This subdomain is manually assigned by the World Possible team. If you have not been given a subdomain, do NOT attempt to install this software.

Installation Instructions

  1. Type ‘su’ to become root.
  2. cd /opt
  3. Ensure git source control is installed by typing git --version
  4. If git is not installed. Run the following commands

apt-get update; apt-get install -y git

  1. Clone the emule webservice: With password muleglobal42

git clone emulewebservice

  1. cd /opt/emulewebservice/bin
  2. Run the install script ./ - This may take some time.
    When roundcube is being installed. Choose sqllite for the database.
  3. During the install you will be asked for the subdomain for your device. e.g camgb or nycus or lonuk
  4. user1 to user20 @ subdomain.domain will be created with default password ‘password’.
  5. If you want to receive logwatch mails, edit the config file located at: /usr/share/logwatch/default.conf/logwatch.conf
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