Learn to manipulate and configure Rachel Pi myself

Hello again, thanks for responding.
The Pi version that I have is “3 model b”

This device it was brought from Ny around a month ago, to be used at Guatemala, initialy had a memory problem, and the people from Antigua helped me getting a new card, its been working, but has some problems with the “local content” module, and loading some content.

Hi Boshbol,
I will take a look at this problem. I am just now getting back as a volunteer with World Possible, so thanks in advanced for your patience. :smile:


I appreciated, thanks for your time and support. It might be that, the configuration on this device (pi 3 b) it’s been as pi 2 (because in Guatemala, I been told that they haven’t work with pi 3) does that affect it? If so, could you help me to get a spanish preloaded card ment for pi3? 64 gb are virtually impossible to download for me.

The reason to assume that is, the fact that the device was brought from NYC, and came defective, Mundo Possible helped me in Guatemala, they loaded the card here, and when came back it worked but with some troubles like the one I mentioned ( impossibility to save files to Local Content module etc.)


You need to expand your file system to get rid of this problem.
Log in and issue the command:
$sudo raspi-config
It is the first option that you need to click
reboot and you will not have this problem again.


Hello, thank you for responding. First thing first, and please consider that I am not a computer expert. How to conect to Rachel? Where and how do I get to change stuff on Rachel device?
(Basic level)

There are a series of videos here: https://racheloffline.org/products/rachel-pi-complete-server-package

There is also the series of videos here in Spanish: http://dev.worldpossible.org/cgi/viewmod.pl?module_id=53

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Thanks, what I am trying to do is, expand the file system (to load more conten to the LOCAL CONTENT menu, and seems that is needed to manipulate rachel config. How do I get to that point? Ho do I get to expand that capacity?

My Rachel is the PI device (not the plus).

Hi Boshbol - your space is limited by the size of the sd card. You could delete existing content out of the system, but this is not something we support on the RACHEL-Pi device yet. You would have to get involved in learning linux, in particular, Raspbian, and this would not be a simple tutorial for us to teach (though there are general tutorials online you can seek out).

The easiest work around would be to connect RACHEL-Pi to a monitor and boot it up like a normal computer. From there you can easily manipulate files in a manner you are likely more accustomed to.

That’s something I have to tray, thanks for pointing that to me. Connecting it to a monitor should be the easiest way.

Hi Boshbol,

Your screenshot indicates that you are using Ubuntu for accessing your Pi3.
If that is the case then please do this in Ubuntu terminal command mode:

$ ssh pi@
$ password:
(If you have not changed it then enter raspberry)
(World Possible Note: our images have a password of rachel)
You should get connected to pi.
Enter the commands from my earlier posts.

Hi @jeremy
The error in the screenshot is encountered when the rachel image is shrinked for size to be a few megabytes lower than the SD card size. SD cards come in various sizes even if they are labelled as 64GB. Primarily it is encountered when there is no space left for temp files even. I assumed they transferred your 64 GB image to a 128GB SD card.

Thanks a lot for your time, I will try to see if there’s a chance of improving that limitation.
Good day.

ingreso el
password: raspberry

para iniciar y me sale error

ingreso el password: rachel

tambien probe
password: rachel

y me sale error

user: root
pass: rachel

On Pi3b+
user admin
password Rachel+1