New image Shutdown Period

@Techncat here is a fix installer for you to try. This installs a kolibri deb file that was an experiment @benjaoming built earlier on in the process of debugging the Kolibri shutdown issues. It will also install the kiwix fix. Please make a backup of your image before installing this as I don’t want you to lose anything if this doesn’t work. This just for testing.

  1. Download
  2. Unzip it
  3. Transfer the unzipped “fix” folder to the /var/tmp directory of your RACHEL-Pi
  4. run command “sudo python3”
  5. When it’s done you can try “sudo shutdown now” to see how long it takes


Hi @jamesk. Will try it out. Thanks to both you and @benjaoming for your efforts!

@jamesk, I installed in the /var/tmp directory
and ran “sudo python3”
I get “ERROR: dpkg -i files/kolibri.deb command failed”

Very strange. I just downloaded and tried it again here and it’s working.

Are you sure the entire contents of the fix folder were copied including the subfolder “files” ?

@jamesk: After my failed attempt above, I added your fix installer to a fresh install of the 03_16_2020 image. I then set up and ran Kolibri. Now when I run “sudo shutdown now”, after the “Stopped The Apache HTTP Server” message, a stop job for Kolibri daemon flashes by briefly at around 10 - 11 seconds, then shutdown occurs normally.
The fix looks promising! Looking forward to a new image


I’m just waiting to see the outcome of before making a new image. This is what was causing the up to 21 second shutdown period on my pi4. The original 90 second one is definitely fixed. I’m worried that on an older model like the 2, 3B, or 3B+ the 21s delay on that shutdown might be longer and would be out of the 30 second range of what you guys need.


@jamesk: While the Kolibri issues are being resolved, we would like to build an interim version using the 03_16_2020 image that includes the old KALite lessons that students are familiar with. I tried downloading the version of en-kalite still available on the RACHEL Admin install page, but it always fails to install after download. I ran the script in /var/www/modules/en-kalite but it fails with incompatibility errors. Could you help us with this?

@Techncat I can definitely help you. I’ll have to take a look through my scripts for the proper installer and test it first. en-kaLite requires an installation of the background service before the en-kalite module can be used and then a different script that I modified for the Raspberry Pi to install the content has to be run after. The one on the servers won’t work for the Raspberry Pi.

I would highly suggest deploying with Kolibri if you can as it has Khan Academy in it. KA-Lite is no longer being updated and I think support is either ended or ending soon which is why I’ve stopped making images with it preinstalled.

I’ll update you when I have an installer, but you can also try en-kaos in the meantime which is Khan Academy On a Stick and doesn’t require an installer.


@Techncat there is a new KA-Lite image available with instructions at RACHEL-Pi Image for Raspbian Stretch

While the 90s delay issue is fixed, the Kolibri zeroconf issue that causes the variable shutdown down of 6-30 seconds is added to the 0.14.0 milestone for Kolibri. The one you have that was a test is likely the only way to avoid that for now. I am going to put up a new RACHEL-Pi Kolibri image soon but it won’t have that. When 0.14.0 is out I will make another image so that fix is there.


@jamesk the new KA-Lite image installed perfectly. This works for us for the time being.
Many thanks for your good work!

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@Techncat Great! I’ll keep you up to date when the other shutdown fix is part of Kolibri.