Practical to add other home pages (interface)?

The Rachel home page is currently listed by source/provider. I would like to provide the content sorted by subject & grade (to make it easier for teachers to quickly find information).

Q1) What would be the best method to do this?

Q1.1) When content is updated, do the content links usually remain the same or are likely to change?

Q1.2) I assume that I could manually create a set of html pages and manually enter categories and links to the relevant content. Correct?

Q1.3) To semi-automate, I am thinking of creating a database or table of all the content titles & links (any suggestions/tools to automate this?), manually assign categories (subject, grade, content type, date) to each link, and then either (A) provide a live filter or search that runs on Rachel (existing? possible? I see live search boxes on the main page, so I assume that I could set that up.) or (2) Use a filter to create a set of static pages for Rachel. [When updates arrive, compare the new set of content titles/links with the old set.]

Any thoughts?

FYI, I asked a related question here.

Brian Question: Q4) How easy to split existing modules?
To get the content GB size (cost) down (for OTG USB or micro SD card), I would like to supply them in either single subject (all grades), single grade (all subjects) or perhaps primary-focused & high school-focused. General references like Wikipedia and dictionaries provided on all. (These packages will be for Indonesia, so Indonesia-language content tied to the curriculum.) [Since my Indonesian modules will be new, hopefully I can learn how to customize them.]

Jeremy Answer: Not all that easy, especially if you want to create a search database. Check out the Content section of the forum for more info.

Brian Question: Of course, there is a danger that teachers will simply overwrite them with other content, sell them or otherwise lose them. Having a nominal price may help convey value.

Jeremy Answer: Yep



Hi Brian -

Just to confirm, have you seen the arrangement and sorting tools on RACHEL-Plus?

You can create modules that have no content but serve only as headers to categories (ie a module that just says MATH or 1st grande) and then sort content beneath it.

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I worked a bit on curriculum alignment. It is true that helping teachers see what they need quickly is a big win. The way I did it was to create “dummy” modules that were just links to the content of other modules. That is, I would create a “Grade 8 Math” module that had no content of its own beyond links to other installed modules like Khan Academy, Wikipedia, Math Expression, Understanding Algebra, etc.

It’s a fairly tedious process and I didn’t get too far, but it can be done.

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