Raspberry Pi 3B+

According to the RACHEL-PI how to guide, " The current version of RACHEL does not work on the 3B+. Please use the 3B or earlier ". Is this still the case? It seems that the B+ is the standard one being sold - and the main difference is that it is faster. What is the current status?

Hi @ronsat - @jamesk has been volunteering updating our images to 3B+ compatibility There are a number of threads on it here if you search. thanks!

I also think it’s possible the spanish version runs on the 3B+ – Norberto updates the spanish versions on his own.

Hi @ronsat

The downloads for images that work on the 3b+ are at this post. There are two images. One supports KA-Lite and the other supports Kolibri. There are readme file links which are good to look at before starting. If you’re using the KA-Lite image and want to install KA-Lite content it will say that it failed. This can be fixed using the script included at this post. I was hoping that would be updated but it seems Steve wants to update them when he makes a new image.


Hi James,

Thank you for this work! I have installed the Stretch image following your manual and it works perfectly.


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Hi Corne,

You’re welcome! Glad to hear it;s working for you. I will be putting up a new image with a few of those fixes in the next few days so check back!