Updating from RACHEL Plus to latest version/Moodle install

Hi all,
I have a RACHEL-Plus (installer 2016.09.15-jf) and I am interested in getting the newest interface AND installing MOODLE. I’m not a Linux user and tried to follow directions but got lost. I was able to connect the RACHEL device to the Internet, but didn’t have the SSH shell option… is there another way to update my device?

Secondly, I have many MOODLE courses that are licensed Creative Commons that are created by my adult education teachers and they may be useful for your repository (Plus, I want to install them on my own RACHEL device to promote RACHEL and OER2GO and OER in general.)

I am gaining traction in the US for using RACHEL in remote sites, the addition of MOODLE and KA Lite (with student data!) is attracting a lot of attention!

Thanks for any help!

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Oh whoa is me! Can no one help?? :frowning:

Hi @ppearson - sorry we missed this! Can you tell us which version of RACHEL you have? On the back you should one of three model numbers in white.

RACHEL 1.0 - WRTD-303
RACHEL 2.0 - WAPD-235N
RACHEL 3.0 - CMAL100


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Hi Jeremy!
I believe it is RACHEL 1.0 but I will double check! I’ll post the information next week!

Jeremy, here is a photo of our device. Looks like it is a WRDT-303 N!

What’s next! :slight_smile:
BTW, I am presenting on RACHEL at the ProLiteracy conference here in CA - Wanna join me? :slight_smile: