About the DataPost Pilot category

World Possible is developing DataPost to allow email delivery to and from RACHEL devices. An Android device must be used to pick up and drop off email on RACHEL. The Android device at some point before and after picking up emails, must connect to the internet to complete the transfer. This can happen seconds, minutes, hours, or days later.

We had developed an offline email system to work on raspberry pi and it works.
Can you provide more details how Datapost works?

We have RACHEL setup as a standalone system on our Ubuntu machines. Is there a way to integrate this DataPost into our machines so we can monitor which sites are most used so we can customize the modules as necessary?

How do we set up the email delivery? As an example, one of our servers is being used in Benin and we would love to start collecting data. Is there an easier way than connecting to an ethernet cable? I’ve been having trouble finding instructions on how to set datapost up. Thanks!