About the Grants category

Coordinate efforts among ongoing RACHEL programs to procure additional funding for our work.

Here are some guidelines for participating in these grants:

  • You represent an organization that has ongoing staff in working with RACHEL and a target population. This excludes individuals or groups that install RACHEL and perhaps visit sporadically. A grantor should be able to visit your country unannounced, go to a location, meet with staff and users of RACHEL, and see RACHEL in use.

  • You have plans to expand your work. These grants are for growing and scaling your organization, not for overhead or costs associated with existing operations.

  • These grants are for organizations that also have full-time staff or support in a location with high-speed internet, access to major banking institutions, and communication systems.

  • By participating in these grants, you are committing to also contributing to the RACHEL community. This generally means sharing content modules, photos, user guides, and best practices. This is not financial support. There is no financial support expected by our partner organizations.

  • These grants are not funded by World Possible, or RACHEL. These grants are for groups that met the above criteria to be partners in fulfilling larger grants or opportunities that would be unavailable in isolation.

  • We use these forums for transparency. Grantor organizations will be invited to view these discussions as part of any grant application. By participating in these grants, you commit to not using private communications. All communications regarding applying for, negotiating, and executing on grant commitments should remain public in the forums