About the Myanmar category

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Hello Jeremy,
Thank you for creating the ‘Myanmar’ category. May I know how to replace the first paragraph?

The following is what I want to describe for the category.
'This category is dedicated to Rachel deployment in Myanmar (Burma). This category does not at present exist but is needed as Myanmar has a unique technical and educational landscape and Myanmar-language national curricula. In addition, minority languages are widely spoken in the regions.

People should use this category for discussing about RACHEL in Myanmar in particular: deployment in Myanmar, developing new content and recommending existing materials suitable for use in Myanmar.

The possible topics for Myanmar are

  1.   Projects using RACHEL in Myanmar
  2.   The diverse user base in Myanmar
  3.   Suggested content for Myanmar (including educational content in different Myanmar languages and translation and subtitling of existing content)
  4.   RACHEL Contents creation – module creation
  5.   Events related to RACHEL & Myanmar
  6.   Grants and donations to RACHEL & Myanmar
  7.   Troubleshooting RACHEL in Myanmar 
  8. Myanmar language font issues