Actual Rachel plus images

Hi there!
are the images for the rachel plus server available anywhere?

In particular I’d like to have access to the admin pages and functionalities that you get when navigating as a user in the admin area.
I like the tabbed look, and it’s a lot more versatile, advanced, not to mention better looking than those in the rachel pi images.

I am pretty sure this must have been asked before, but I couldn’t find it anywhere, apologies if this is duplicate.
Thank you!

I believe it is developed by Intel and not World Possible so it may not available but I’m not entirely sure. If it were available it would probably be on

The admin pages in the RACHEL-Plus devices are tailored specifically to that device and OS so there’s code behind the interface that retrieves and sets the settings and information that may only work on those devices and not the Raspberry Pi.

Other than the look of the UI, what features did you want in the admin interface? I am in the process of rewriting the RACHEL-Pi version adding features to the admin interface as well as UI changes so I can look at integrating them.


Thank you James!
I cannot find anything useful in the github, and about your question: I give these to teachers in rural areas in developing countries, thousands of miles from my home, so the look is actually very important to begin, because frankly the admin gui on the Rachel pi is intimidating for me being a tech guy, leave alone for non tech teachers.
But besides the look, the whole thing is useful: without it the teacher will need to ssh and bash theur way into the pi for anything from changing the wireless password, to adding a module, to check how much space there is, or the status of the box (temperature, etc).
It seems to me that the rpi version is a barbone “it just works” (else you are out of luck) version.

Hi @fabriba and @jamesk - I get the impression @fabriba is just donwloading an old pi version and not the ones you’ve updated @jamesk

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Ah, that would make sense @jeremy

@fabriba are you using one of the images from this page? Those use the latest contentshell from the github with some minor modifications. Some of the features you’ve mentioned like installing modules and checking the storage space are available in those.

Settings like changing the wifi ssid or getting the temperature require background code that isn’t currently available for the pi. The UI also has to support older devices so any changes have to be tested. I started updating RACHEL-Pi to get it working with the latest devices and Raspbian versions so I’ve tried to keep the code as close to what’s on the github as possible for the official images to be sure they’re stable for deployments. In the future I’d like to add features like this but it will probably be maintained as a separate image from these.


If you @jamesk are modifyingtthe admin intrrface could you add a button to enable ssh. That would help our non technical people.

Matter of fact I bought the rpi server readymade from a charity in uk, so it is definitely possible that they have used an old version, I also checked the online demos and found the same admin interface so assumed that was it.
Thank you very much @jamesk and @giakonda I’ll try what you suggested!

Actually only one last question: is there a demo somewhere online of the latest rpi image?
Thanks again!!

You’re welcome @fabriba. It’s likely an older version then as Jeremy mentioned. The images at that link are the latest available. If you’re using a Raspbperry Pi 2 you’ll need to use an older Stretch image for now but the latest Raspbian Buster image should work for the others. You can check compatability in the readme file. An online demo is not available for these images.

@giakonda yes it’s added. If you have any other suggestions let me know and I’ll look at implementing them.


Hi @jamesk could you make the administrator username NOT case sensitive, some users struggle this Admin and admin!
Kind Regards

Hi @giakonda,

Yes. You can try this common.php file for the time being. If you replace /var/www/admin/common.php with this one it should accept Admin or admin.


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@jamesk got my new (much larger) sdcard delivered today, 1 hour later my rachel-pi is up and running with all the features I could hope for in the admin panel… this was outrageously easy , thanks for the awesome job on these images!!


You’re welcome @fabriba! I’m glad everything is up and running.

Thanks James

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You’re welcome Howard.