Add a search feature

Hi, We are using a RACHEL in a rural school in Kenya, but so far it is not used much because it is not easy for teachers. Between Khan Academy, CK-12, and everything else, the content is great. The challenge is it is difficult for teachers to find the appropriate content buried in the different modules, and they don’t have time to go through all of the modules to find it. I liken it to trying to use an encyclopedia to learn about Pope Francis, but without an index. There might be something about him in the Ss for Spain, the Is for Italy, the Ps for Popes…

Hi @KayceAnderson I don’t know of an easy answer to this. We usually get a group of schools together and ask each teacher to demonstrate what works for them. We are able to do this because each school has RACHEL on the Pi, using Pi 4 and many teachers have RACHEL on the Pi Zero which is of course much cheaper.
Sorry I can’t be of more help
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Hi @KayceAnderson - Unfortunately due to the way content is provided on RACHEL using multiple different features, it’s very difficult to implement one single search button. There is a search within those different features ( Kolibri, Kiwix, KA-Lite, Moodle ).

One of the biggest suggestions we have when using a RACHEL in a community is to have community members gather the content that is useful for them into a list of links. Once you have the content links that are useful for your users, create a new RACHEL module that links to this content. Some users choose to create new Kolibri channels or Moodle lessons around content as well.

If you would like more information on creating RACHEL modules please let me know.