Add content to module

Is there is a way Where I can add additional videos or other stuff to module especially phonics instead of adding content from teachers content ,because I have some phonics videos here which are not in the module, I want to add this videos to the modules
Please give me directions on how I can go about

If you would like to add additional content to a specific module, you would need to edit the related html page to include the link and html code. Also, upload the video for example. You may ssh into the device to load files. The path to the modules depends upon each device. CAP3 modules directory is /.data/RACHEL/rachel/modules/

You can create your own module and load the module onto your device:

Or, you may use the Local Content module (link to user guide on the module). Finally, you may use Moodle.

There are a number of users on this form which have used one ore more of the options.