Adding our LMS module to Rachel Plus Pi


Our organization recently ordered and received some Rachel Plus Pi servers. We have been trying to upload and install our wordpress LMS unto the Rachel Plus Pi without luck . Can you please take us through the processes involved in uploading our wordpress module or better still can you help us out with it .

We would appreciate your prompt response.
Kind Regards

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We don’t currenlty support Word Press on RACHEL-Plus or RACHEL-Pi. We have seen some instances of people installing World Press with some heavy customization, but it is not a default tool we support. Hopefully someone can jump in who has some experience doing this.


Hello @flexisafedusoft
Good to see a number of Nigerian projects making progress on the deployment of Rachel. Hopefully we can collaborate and harness resources and knowledge to grow Rachel in Nigeria. Regarding your question, you need to clarify if you are Running the Rachel Plus server or the Rachel Pi. Both are different hardware instances on which the Rachel software (and its dependencies) run on. Having a WordPress setup on the Rachel Pi for example may be demanding a lot as the Pi is a limited resource hardware device. The Rachel Plus has better computing resources but I wouldn’t know if it is capable of running a LAMP suite alongside the Rachel software. If however you insist on running your WordPress LMS alongside then you need to verify that your Rachel Server runs a Web server that can support PHP (I think it runs Nginx with PHP support) as well as MySQL (or MariaDB) server. I believe it’s not to difficult to have these checked (or installed if they are absent). Once you have these then it’s a bit straightforward to deploy your WordPress LMS.

I assume you have tried to deploy your LMS using the Rachel Module en-fileshare and it probably didn’t work. I had the same experience when I tried to deploy the Rachel en-moodle Module. I ended up manually installing it to get it to work. You’d need to have some Linux knowledge and use remote access tools like Putty and WinSCP.


Thank you very much @jeremy and @airsay . We were finally able to install wordpress and run it along side the preloaded Rachel content.

A Quick one
We are looking at continuously adding our content to the Rachel plus server and making it available to schools in Nigeria . Does your current "copyright " and other affiliates allow for us to remove the logo on the intel server and put our own logo on it ?
I will be glad if you deliver a quick response on this .
Best Regards

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hello @flexisafedusoft – the current licenses require keeping everyone’s logos in place EXCEPT intel. This means leaving the RACHEL logo, the “about us” link, and the names of all of the existing content providers. Intel is the only logo which you CAN remove

@Jeremy . Thank you for the answer . But I guess I didn’t ask the question properly . I will rephrase the question and ask a new question:

  1. Does the current Licence allow us to remove the Rachel Plus sticker on the server hardware and put ours ?

  2. Subsequently , can we purchase more of the hardware without the pre-loaded content?
    Will this come at a reduced cost ?

Hi @flexisafedusoft –

  1. if you’re using any of the RACHEL software “content shell” or the pre-loaded content, you have to leave the sticker on (the licenses on all of the underlying software require “attribution without modification”)

  2. if you’re purchasing the hardware without preloaded content, it would not have the sticker on it. Under preloaded content on the store, select “none”. this would provide you the hardware without any content. there is no price difference


@jeremy to put a spin on it what if only hardware is ordered then after delivery I decide to put Rachel on it. How does the sticker come into play?

Regarding the Logo and all how about some level of customisation on that with information stating “Powered by Rachel”

@flexisafedusoft the cost of the hardware here is the same cost on Amazon. So effectively content is free.

@jeremy I asked a question in another thread that wasn’t answered so I’d ask it here perhaps I’d get an answer. What category of software does Rachel fall under? For example Moodle is a Learning Management Solution, Koha is a Library Management Solution, MS Word is a Word Processor, Excel a Spreadsheet. What categorization or classification does Rachel fall under? Are there other types of solutions similar to Rachel?

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Hi @airsay –

In 1, if you ordered the hardware there wouldn’t be a sticker on the device at all. You wouldn’t be permitted to use the RACHEL software and replace the RACHEL logo however.

In 3, I would consider RACHEL a content platform. There are a few, but mostly they are integrated into RACHEL. For example, we use KA-Lite, Kiwix, Kolibri, etc.