Additional 10 Pack Chromebook Laptops information


Neema in an education NGO which supports 250 students which offers a solar-powered digital classroom in Moshi, Tanzania.

I was intrested in purchasing the Chromebooks and was wondering if they are locked to be used for RACHEL purposes only? Will I be able to use the Chromebok like any other laptop (i.e downloading other applications, software, internet access etc.) or is its functionality programmed only to be connected the the Rachel Server and services?

I also saw from the website that there is an operational branch in Tanzania. What does this branch do? If I am to purchase these laptops would they be coming in from the Tanzanian branch?

Thank you

Hi @NeemaMandy

You can reach our Tanzanian contact at They will offer on-site training, setup, and support services for a nominal fee.

For the Chromebooks, they are simply used generic Chromebooks (no restrictions or setup) in a convenient box for travel and carrying. I would not recommend shipping these to Tanzania because customs can be quite difficult, but it would be reasonable to carry them with you.