Alternative Portable Power options for Rachel-Plus

These servers are very unique. We need them despite the battery issue. If you can remove the battery and give us alternate powering options I want to buy one to test, then get more later if it works. My guess is that a portable UPS would run this thing for a long time (an external battery is a better idea). The WRTD-303N needs 12 volts and 2 amps, right? Amazon has a portable Kitbox SK313T battery pack 7800mAH with 12V 2A for less than $50! That would run this for 10 hours!


@tonywhansen Tony if you send me an email at, I would be happy to discuss your ideas and my experience with solar power systems and inverters and with using battery packs with the RACEK-Pi. I do not want to post my limited experience now as it might confuse people.
BTW, thanks for posting your idea, which I like, as a separate topic.
Best, Ed Resor

Just want to follow up that we have instructions on a firmware update for the battery issue. Depending on which model you have the instructions are:

Update Firmware on RACHEL-Plus 1.0 (WRTD-303N Model)
Update Firmware on RACHEL-Plus 2.0 (WAPD-235N Model)

This firmware fix was supplied by Gemtek, the hardware manufacturer, and will keep prevent the unit from overcharging the battery if plugged in continuously (24/7 over many months). If the unit is not plugged in continuously then there is no problem that we are aware of. In any case, you should be able to use the device with confidence again.

There are usually some 12V / 2A portable batteries available online as well:

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