An idea of how to generate funds but ? about Intel CAP

I love this project, good work guys. I live in Mexico half of the year and plan to promote this

Have an idea of how to generate $ for it: Provide an “island server” product on which businesses could build functionality. There are all kind of business situations where they want users within a specific area to access content but not have it on the net. But there is little knowledge out there of how to create an island server. Most people have never heard of it.

I am currently developing a product that enables brick-and-mortar stores to provide a web-like shopping experience for customers via QRCodes on products and product shelves.

But I have a question: Since the Intel CAP hardware is discontinued what is my migration path of the future? Or is it discontinued?


Interesting idea about “island server”…that is what our product is in it’s purest form.

While the Intel CAP may be discontinued by Intel…they do not manufacture the hardware. We have a direct relationship with the manufacturer and the CAPs development/production.

Thanks. What you guys are doing here is awesome. I will get a plus right away and get back to you on my experience setting it up for businesses. We need an offline server to run the functionality in labs.

I notice the link to the Intel instruction manual does not work.
I am interested in solar powering the plus also.