Are there any domestic use cases for RACHEL?

I attend a local church in the Kansas City area. I was wondering if there might be a good use case for introducing RACHEL to our ministry, but I’m not in education, so I’m not sure how it compares to other options currently available. What do potential customers use nowadays if they don’t have power or Internet limitations like exist in RACHEL’s typical market?


I have been talking to local group here in St. Louis that works in the inner city to get girls off the street and also trying to get a safe place established for the younger kids to go to after school when the parents are not home. In our discussion, I brought up the idea of RACHEL on a Raspberry PI. At least with this, the kids can use this as a resource, but not have to worry about questionable material or strangers on the internet.

This particular group also holds small community events and this can easily be setup to show what they have to offer since many in these neighborhoods do not have a lot of extra money for computers and internet access.

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There are a number of homeschools who use RACHEL for their students to keep them off the internet but to provide them resources. Other domestic use cases are where Internet is limited (reservations, prisons, remote villages, etc).

It made sense that a product such as this might also be useful in applications a lot closer to home. Thanks all for sharing your ideas and experiences.