Backup Local Content

How can we backup Local Content (RACHEL 3.0) to a USB flash drive? We are familiar with using an FTP client (FileZilla) unless there is an easier way.

Hi @gary.friesen - The best way to back up and restore modules to and from a RACHEL-Plus is to follow using WinSCP which is similar to filezilla.

Hope that helps.

James, thanks for the quick response. I looked through the information you linked to and I didn’t see anything about backing up Local Content (in the Lesson Planner Content Hub). I am familiar with creating and backing up modules.

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@gary.friesen - Sorry about that! Backing up content from local content has a few different steps. You’ll still want to connect to you RACHEL-Plus using WinSCP or filezilla, but the content you’ve uploaded is in another folder.

  1. Navigate to the /media/uploaded/ folder and copy everything over. This would be the content only portion of what’s in local content.

  2. Navigate to the /srv/easyconnect/ folder and download the file called db.sqlite. This is the database file that contains the lessons, pathes, tags, etc around the uploaded content.

This isn’t really a standard practice, so please test it once before considering it safe. Hope that helps


It worked beautifully. Thank you!

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Great! You’re welcome. Glad it worked.