Building my own RACHEL-Plus

Hello everyone,
I’m planing to purchase in the coming day the CAP WRTD-303N, and I need to install the latest RACHEL software and modules on it.

Could someone please help me or send me a tutorial with the image, I was looking around, unfortunately just found “Page not found” message.

I really be grateful and appreciate your tremendous work, I’ve learned a lot while visiting the forum.

Thank you.

This would be a version 2 device. The recovery images are available at

We sell the RACHEL-Plus V2 on our store at It comes preloaded with the content and the latest available version.

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WRTD-303N is actually CAP1 - recovery 1.21 is the only one I see. WAPD-235N should be CAP2.

To be fair, much of the more recent content and modules won’t run on that device. That device is locked to Ubuntu 12 which makes newer modules like Kolibri or the newer Kiwix stuff or Moodle not available to run.


Thank you so much for this information.