Buy the SD Card with pre-installed RACHEL

User Tony Hansen writes:

I do not see [pre-installed SD Cards] in the store. I want to buy one and it would be much more likely to arrive to me in Mexico. How?
I think you could sell lots of these to people who already have a pi. I also believe you could sell this product (and therefore generate more funds) as an internet island PHP, MySQL, Apache platform that companies could build on to install their own additional software. For example, we want to make and Internet Island point-of-sale for stores that do not want to be connected, or cannot afford to be connected, to the internet.

First, we do offer instructions on creating your own – just start at step #2 :slight_smile:

Second, you can purchase them from us, but it requires a bit of searching through the store. We do this because we had so many users purchase it and not understand it requires a raspberry pi to operate (they were plugging it into tablets, or laptops, etc. The link is here:

This is an interesting snippet. Presumably, the USB version would actually work if inserted into a phone or tablet.