BYOD Wireless e-Library

BYOD Wireless e-Library using Rachel for student learning in Papua New Guinea

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The following is a copy of email communication from Tony Aromo who is doing great work rolling out Rachel in Papua New Guinea. Tony’s educational content server is called BYOD Wireless e-Library, but its content is Rachel.

Tony Aromo
Environmental Sustainability / Social Responsibility
Papua New Guinea Management Consulting

Tony Aromo

to me, Jeremy

Hello Dave,

Thanks for responding. Excuse the delay because we work on opposite sides of timing.

Last year I have rolled it out in a private high school called Mesauka Secondary School. There are just over 600 students in Grades 9, 10, 11, 12. Grade 12 is the matriculation level to University after completion.
Then, the is Bawi Primary School from Grade 1 through to Grade 8. They are Primary school children. There are also 600+ students.

Just recently, I have a roll out for Asaroka Secondary School with 2500+ students 66+ teaching staff. This is the 2nd largest school in Eastern Highlands Province, near Goroka City.

We have made all of the roll out as WiFi hotspot because most of the users can only afford a smart phone access. Laptops and tablets a few for those who can afford it.

We conduct training of its use to both staff and students separately and Asaroka has seen the potential of Rachel learning in class so they have proposed to install audio visual equipment for teachers to use during classes. They have also asked to set up another 10 desktops for those who don’t have devices. We have just started with 5 and they are up and running with direct Ethernet connections.

All in all, some 3,700 students have access to contents through this. We have been trying to get this rolled out through our Government and Ministry across the country and we are not given much opportunity so we are rolling it out from their ground up and publishing it on my LinkedIn page and sending the link to Education Authorities to stimulate the idea.

We charge a fee for the hardware components, transport and technical labor.

For me, I am an environmentalist but do this as a hobby to give our children a better chance in life. It is a really needy resource and I might ask you to directly email our Department of Education to convince them sometimes.

I have linked the schools separately above. If you still cannot view them, please advice and I will send as word document with pictures as attachment.

Best Rgds