CAP 1.0 upgrade for OS and PHP

Hi have been trying for days now to upgrade my Ubuntu on CAP to a supported version.Problem is when the upgrade is through I lose internet connectivity and eth0 is not seen even in ifconfig-a.
Any ideas on the way forward are highly welcome.
Help is needed ASAP,thanks in advance

The following worked and upgraded PHP to 7.3

Step 1 — update sources list --------use to generate a list and copy the generated list to etc/apt/sources list and save

Step 2 ---- sudo get-update
Step 3------sudo apt-get upgrade -------------------upgrades ubuntu to 14.04 LTS
Step 4–sudo get update
Step 5 --[server]$ cd ~ * to get to home directory

wget --------------- *replace link with which ever version of php you want to download *
sha256sum php-7.3.26.tar.gz *…tar -----------substitute with version you downloaded
tar -xvf php-7.3.26.tar.gz * …tar -----------substitute with version you downloaded
mkdir local
cd ~/php-7.3.26.tar.gz …file/mirror name according to what you downloaded
sudo apt-get install libxml2-dev

./configure && make
make install

installation will be complete
you can check version using

server]$ php -v

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