Cap1 problem with administrator login

For the following I am using the correct password for my administrator :8080 login because I tested without the correct password and I’m told I am using the wrong password.

At this point in Google Chrome I am presented with the dashboard, but the dashboard shows no details, only headings. When I click any item on the left menu, I am presented once more with the login. When I log in, I am back to the dashboard and the same thing happens.

But at this point in Firefox, I am presented the login screen immediately, no dashboard. An incorrect password gives me the error message, the correct password gives me the login screen.

What might be preventing my login from “sticking”?

Thanks for any thoughts! . . . . . Ken

Hi @gkholman – I vaguely remember this happening in the past. Have you been sure to clear your cookies and cache and try again? Perhaps using an incognito browser or private browsing session could help. With offline devices, the cookies and cache can play mean tricks.

Thanks, Jeremy! I had to ship the box to Tanzania yesterday with the configuration I had before having the problem. But I know what I’ll try to do the next time it happens. You answered quickly, but my browser was not open.

BTW, simply buying a replacement disk got the unit working again.

But I had to remove the battery. It had swollen to twice its original size and was packed in until I undid the screws and the backplate flew off from the pressure. I discarded the batteries properly without thinking to snip the plug to use when shopping for a replacement battery.

. . . . . Ken