CAP2 Beta Install

From @jfield

  1. Go to anonymous/anonymous and get the following file from the “other” directory: CAP2-RACHEL-INSTALL-v2.0.0.img
  1. Image this to a USB as you normally would.
  1. Boot a CAP with this USB - takes about 8 minutes, you know the drill - THIS STEP WILL ERASE YOUR DEVICE
  1. remove USB and reboot - for some reason shutting down takes longer on the CAP2 - after you press the button it can be 10 seconds before the light shuts off

NOTE: My dream of skipping the command line and doing it all through the RACHEL admin will have to wait - couldn’t get it done before the trip (I’m writing from the plane to Atlanta right now!). So this process works but will be refined:

  1. Log into the CAP and run:

php /media/RACHEL/rachel/installmods.php full dev

If your IP address is local, you can just put the IP in there instead of “dev” – This step can be safely rerun if anything goes wrong or if you want to install multiple languages. THIS WILL TAKE SEVERAL HOURS AND USE OVER 300GB OF DATA IF YOUR CONNECTION IS METERED

  1. When it’s done, you have to restart kiwix:

bash /root/rachel-scripts/

  1. That’s it - test it out. Go through the settings, all the key modules, and make sure everything works. It’s definitely possible I missed something.

NOTE: Do not “update” the RACHEL Admin. It’s a new “beta” version that has some important tweaks for the CAP2. If you try to update it, it will actually downgrade to the current version, and we don’t want that (it won’t break the system, but the admin stuff will have a few problems). As soon as I can get this new version up on our server that won’t be a concern any more.

NOTE: The only bug I am aware of is that the live search suggestions aren’t working in Kiwix… search works fine, just not the pop-up suggestions as you’re typing. I figure that’s OK. Strange that it stopped working though. Needs some research.

add modules to *.modules file prior to running install script:


cat <> /media/RACHEL/rachel/scripts/full.modules

php /media/RACHEL/rachel/installmods.php full