CatchBox in Uganda

Dear Jeremy, Do you know ths appliansys ? i have just found it a big office we have been trying to work with. They need content.

I’m not familiar with them. Do they have a website?

The right name is CACHEBOX/ Cache server. The contractor is APPLIASYS. Yes they have a website. We are pushing a big deal also for about 46schools here in Kampala for Rachel plus.
Let me know if the content could be uploaded on that cache server. But My last presentation they were impressed by Rachel server
Elearning services
Ministry of Education, Kampala.

Hi Alex,

That server does something quite a bit different than RACHEL does, you could use both of them if you wanted to provdied some internet access via the Cachebox, but the Cachebox does require internet. They wouldn’t be a good to have our content on their devices.


The company that makes these appliances are based in the UK and called appliansys, we CFTS ( are resellers for them in Uganda and can support the product.