Changing Network Name

Due to my involvement in a Guatemala RACHEL project, I am asked to demonstrate RACHEL-PI’s. I have set up three, one each in English, French and Spanish. I would like to run them all simultaneously to give the audience the ability to log into any one. However, the WiFi network name in each case is RPI. Is there a simple way that I can change the network name to something like RPI-EN, RPI-FR and RPI-ES so that the aurdience members can choose the language version that they want?


This is for a different product, but I believe basically the same process. It’s an easy thing to do with an HDMI cord (to plug in a monitor) a mouse and a keyboard… I think…

@jeremy since the RachelPi doesn’t have a Window interface will the link above work?

A quick read of

If you edit the ssid value in hostapd.conf you can change the Access point name

Thanks Jeremy and Airsay. I read through both articles - and then booted the Pi with an HDMI monitor attached, then sudo edited the ssid line of /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf. The network names are now changed.


Oops - and one other thing - if you want to have the various versions of RACHEL-Pi running simultaneously to demo to a group of people, you also need to change the WiFi channel. It appears that the English, Spanish and French versions are all on channel 4 - so I changed one to channel 1 and another to channel 7. Same instructions as changing the network name.

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Hi! I need your help for the same situación with Rachel pi in spanish. I Will Made one demostration for mexican teachers and i have 5 Rachel pi’s. Sorry for my english.

Hi @lggl34, you will need to edit the /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf file to change the wifi SSID and channel. There is a tutorial included with the latest RACHEL-Pi images found at this link that walks you through changing wifi settings called Changing Wifi Settings.pdf.


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Thanks for your help. I can change SSID and channel with the steps.

You’re welcome. glad it worked.