Checksum Error on

I’ve downloaded twice & checked the checksum 4 times with the same results. Once downloaded, the MD5 Checker says the checksum is C2693AB21F57D9EB50197892046A4BC4 but the MD5.txt file says the checksum for 4.0 should be a4519822d50a942705f3bceddb313819.
Would someone please check the checksum to ensure that what is in the file is correct because I have had the same results after downloading twice on different days.

Hi Larry,

Are you checking the checksum on the file inside of the zip or the zip itself?


The zip file itself, of course. There’s no reason to explode the zip file if the MD5 is incorrect, right.

I am looking for rachelusb. I tried, with no success!.. Any help wopuld be appreciated…

Hi @dco69 - The old RACHEL-USB files are located at

These have been discontinued for a very long time and only contain outdated static HTML content.