Content location

How can I retrieve my content to the home manu that disappeared? It is not showing on it, but it probably hiding on the admin tap. How do i retrieve them?

Hi @Meek,

You will need to log in to the RACHEL admin interface and unhide the modules on the “modules” tab by clicking “show all” and then clicking “Save Changes”. The default login and password are “admin/Rachel+1” if they haven’t been changed.

If you don’t have any modules showing on that page there might be an issue with your hard drive and it you may need to be replaced.


Hi James,
I logged onto the admin interface, but on modules, it shows “No modules found”. Could it be possible the modules got deleted from both the home page and admin interface? And is there a way to retrieve them?

I’ve uploaded what shows on my screen for your assessment and help. Thank you very much for your help.