Content on RACHEL for persons with disabilities

The R&D team of the 60 Million Girls organization is reaching out to see if others have added content to RACHEL and deployed it to support users with disabilities.

Content for users who experience barriers with:

Physical disabilities

Learning disabilities - dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia etc.

Communication delays and disorders

Deaf and hard of hearing

Vision loss



We look forward to learning from you.

Thanks, Roberta Thomson

Hi @RobertaT

I was just at a conference and these groups presented great digital solutions, but I believe they are currently under copywrite and would require someone reaching out to them directly (as 60MG has done in the past with other content providers):

Learning Ally, Princeton, New Jersey - Audiobooks for Dyslexia
Resources for the Blind, Quezon City, Philippines - Resources for the Bind
Visual Language and Visual Learning (VL2), Washington, D.C. - Fantastic Digital Stories/ Books for Deaf

Thanks Jeremy.

I posted this in both the Content and Deployment sections as I didn’t see if there was a way to put two categories on one post.