Content Previews

We are often asked for a full preview of RACHEL-Plus. We do our best, however, this is actually quite difficult to post copies of websites that also exist on the web. Also, some of our software is not compatible with online hosting (Canvas, Moodle, Kolibri, etc).

Us doing this can inappropriately divert traffic from the original website and cause confusion if our copies are not as updated as the real sites themselves. It is also quite an administrative burden on us. Finally, some content providers only allow us to put a copy of their content on RACHEL and explicitly prohibit us from showing that content online.

That being said, here are some recent examples of RACHEL devices. Almost all RACHEL-Plus devices from us will have some newer content and updates. This should be considered a general guide. The current list we use to build our shipments is here:

All of the content we can preview is here. Not every RACHEL-Plus will have every module of content, and not module of content is capable of being displayed here. When ordering, you will pick a pre-set list of content by simply specifying your desired languages:

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Greetings team ! We would like all the French modules and Tanzanian exams to re removed prior shipping to Zimbabwe how do we go about it?