Content Suggestion (Spanish): gcompris

I’ve had a request to add the gcompris content to 5 RACHEL-PLUS CAPs I have deployed in the Dominican Republic. Here’s the website:
How difficult would this be to add?

Hola, Segun leo Gcompris necesita licencia, es eso cierto?

Por otro lado podrias añadir gcompris en seccion descargas.

Hi Frelix, there are about 85 sections to gcompris but only about 35 of them need a license. So far I added it to the local content, then downloaded it to the individual computers and installed it on the computers locally. I just thought it would be nice if it could be accessed via a web browser.
Does anyone know if that is possible?

What you have to do is ask the creators of the WEB to give you access to your FREE content, then create a module in rachel.

@LarryY – if you package together the free stuff into a folder on Google Drive / Dropbox / Box, etc – we can grab it and make a module.

@jeremy What exactly do you need for a module?

We can make a module out of a single video, but our best practices are here: