Copying files from RACHEL PLUS


Hi! I am enjoying reading through the Forum this morning looking for answers.
We are waiting to hear back from MOE of Uganda about our recent submission of a project proposal using the RACHEL PLUS there. Not sure how long they will take as our main contact there has been in China.

What I am writing to you about today though is for our work in TZ where our home learning pilot for girls is making excellent progress. Here we have 25 egirls acting as agents for the Rachel from their homes. Every computer working fine after a year(some two years) of use! All are owned by little girls aged 10-13 and all are stand alone desktops with an offline Rachel install using deep freeze. When the project’s registration process which is underway is finished we will post a film of this pilot to this Forum. We hope many others will follow in this new way to use the RACHEL.

My question to you today is we are newly using and promoting the RACHEL Plus and have just one with us here. We want to add the Phonics courses for adults and children to the home desktop deployments of the RACHEL. Is there a simply way for us to get that on our master removable drive from the RACHEL Plus. Our egirl agents are teaching other children many of whom hardly speak English but that is their number one demand… The main reasons why children don’t make it to secondary school in many parts of Africa is because the children are switching from a local language in primary learning to English in secondary learning and the switch is just too hard for them…

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Hi Lisa, I’m tagging @Jseni, our new chapter leader in Tanzania, and @jfield so they see your post!

Nicole we have been copying our smaller version of the Rachel on laptops of teachers for years. Most of these teachers work upcountry in remote areas of Uganda and Tanzania. Today helping a young woman teacher trainer leader from Arusha. She did her masters in the UK and is just the type of person to promote the RACHEL in her area. She wants to get the international school where she teaches to buy RACHEL Plus but she also wants the phonics on the removable drive version we gave her of the RACHEL since she teaches primary teachers workshops every week and would like to add that module onto the laptops of the teachers she is training.

Hope this makes my request more clear.