Corrections Software

Good morning, does anyone know either how to factory reset the Rachel+ Corrections or where I can obtain the software to reset it? I was attempting to put the device on a static IP for my facility and somehow I am no longer able to access the device and it’s no longer even broadcasting the SSID’s.


Hi @buppd – there is a very small pin hole in the very back of the device you can use to reset to factory settings. This will only confirm if the device works again. All of the content will be lost and have to be replaced, which we can help with. Just need to see if the device is still functional.


Hi Jeremy, thanks for your response. I did find the pin hole you mentioned, I tried resetting it that way, however it made no change in the state of the device.

Is there a specific process to reset it such as holding the reset button down and powering the device up? A certain length of time to hold the button down for, etc.?


Also, is there a link where I can download all the pre-installed content for Rachel-Corrections?

Hi @buppd – with the device powered on, you have to hold the reset button for about 10 minutes.

The vast majority of the content can be downloaded through the admin interface of the RACHEL device.

Can you send us an email at so we can more directly support this one.