Creating RACHEL-Plus from CAP 2.0 on Windows

This process only works for RACHEL-Plus 2.0, model WAPD-235N on the back of the device

Download the latest image file.

Unzip the file

Burn the image file to a 16GB or larger USB flash drive using free ‘imageUSB’ software.

Edit a file named ‘’ on the newly burned flash drive. On ~line 38, change the METHOD variable from 1 to 3. Be sure to save.

Plug the USB drive into the back of the Intel CAP and power on.

Imaging process should begin and take about 8 minutes. Confirm the little blue light stays lite during the process. Slow flashing of the 3 waving lights.

It will be blank and the 3 waves will be solid once complete.

Power off the unit by holding the button for 3 seconds, remove the USB, add Internet connectivity, and turn the device back on.

Find the IP Address of your CAP to SSH into the device. Default username / password (root / 123lkj):

Install the screen software package:

Create screen permissions (see a video of screen):

Copy and paste the entire the following command:

-O /root/; chmod +x /root/; /root/ -b full

Wait…wait…wait… A device could take a few days to create. It’s about 400GB of content in millions of files

I downloaded the latest image file, burned it to a USB flash drive, opened the file to edit it, and this was all that was there …


echo “>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Update Start >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>“

Put your update script here

$SCRIPT_ROOT/ normal off
$SCRIPT_ROOT/ breath on
#$SCRIPT_ROOT/ issue on

echo “Call partition update script”
$SCRIPT_ROOT/ /dev/sda
echo ">>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Change status >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>"
if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
echo “OK”
$SCRIPT_ROOT/ breath off
$SCRIPT_ROOT/ issue off
$SCRIPT_ROOT/ normal on
echo “FAIL”
$SCRIPT_ROOT/ breath off
$SCRIPT_ROOT/ issue on

echo "Copy log files"
cp /var/log $SCRIPT_ROOT/ -fr

echo "<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Update Over <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<"
exit 0

What do I do now?


What version of RACHEL-Plus do you own? Version 1 or version 2?

NOTE: You can tell by looking at the back of the RACHEL-Plus. If the Model is WRTD-303N, then yo have version 1. If the Model is WAPD-235N, then you have version 2.

Version 1.
The Model is WRTD-303N.

Help, please?
I need to know what to do.


Hi @Rose…let’s try and fix your situation. You have asked similar questions in a couple of different areas which makes it a bit confusing to help you. In the future, it’s probably best to start a new topic that specifically talks to your situation. I think I already answered your issue of how to help. Please look at this link first. If those couple posts don’t help your situation, please start a new topic and I will help you solve your specific challenge.

One note to your situation (as much as I understand it)…you will probably be best served with running the current RACHEL Recovery USB here in Method 3 (follow the pics above to change your USB from Method 1 to Method 3). That will build you a new RACHEL-Plus with all the latest updates. After that, you can download modules from the web interface or download a bunch at once with the command line tool.

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@jeremy… the downloadable file in the google drive is not shown. What is the size of the file? Could you please upload again.


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