Customize Moodle in Rachel

I have a customized Moodle site online and I want to have that Moodle put on my RACHEL-Plus device. Is it possible to do this?

Hi Joel,

What version of Moodle is your custom site using and do you have a list of dependencies installed on the system for that version?

The RACHEL-Plus is running on Ubuntu 16.04 with PHP7.1. There are some differences in dependencies between Moodle versions, with the newest requiring a higher PHP version. The RACHEL-Plus runs moodle already so you should be able to install your custom site in it’s place as long as the dependencies are available. If a higher PHP version is required we do have a way to accommodate that, but you may have to request custom work from us to install it for you.


Hi brother, I’ll check the Moodle version and list of dependencies and get back to you.

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