Customized Rachel plus

am a co-founder of 2 low-cost schools providing education for children from families at the bottom of the economic pyramid in Lagos, Nigeria. We have been using a Rachel Plus for our primary and secondary classes since 2016.

I have just found out that it is possible for your organization to help customize content so we can have Nigerian content. We are interested in exploring this possibility. Could you please let us know;

  1. If it can be done
  2. How long it will take to do it- we are interested in materials from pre-school
    through SS3 which is the highest grade in high school here.
  3. What it will cost us
  4. How to set this in motion

Also, we would like to be able to use a software like the Gooru navigator or a similar software that will allow our teachers to use personalized pathways to help students reach learning goals.

I look forward to your response.

  1. It is possible to build custom modules for a country, yes.

  2. We would not find the content for you, we would do the technological work of putting it offline and onto our devices.

  3. There is no cost to us doing the techincal work if we can share the content with other users.

  4. Begin by finding freely available content specific to Nigeria. Either put all of this content in a Dropbox or Google Drive folder. Let us know when it’s ready!

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Does the above statement still hold True?

  1. There is no cost to us doing the techincal work if we can share the content with other users.

Does this mean I can share with you some downloaded websites e.g PNG Curriculum and you will place neatly in a module for me?

All my best Aaron

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yes @Aaron – this is true. Depending on how much work you’ve done already or what format the content is in, it may just take us longer to get to.

This is wonderful news…

Now If I give you a set of PNG Curriculum say in May and then in October I wish to add change and rearrange as I have since gathered improved material would you still do the service and … How would I get it to my already in-field Rachel Plus If I have no internet access in Field? Is it possible for me to to down load the updates you have provided in the UK onto a Hard drive/ Rachel Plus and update from that hardware when I return to the field in PNG?

All my best Aaron

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Yes, not a problem at all. Please see here: