Datapost data logs

I’m working on a project involving largescale deployment of RACHEL across West Africa. What specific things does the server track in its usage logs?

Hi @georgesmith – we pull from the device a full nginx log. This allows us to parse basic information from the web server, such a which pages were served, how frequently, at what times, and how many devices connected to the machine.

We also have the potential to pull things like Moodle or Kolibri logs, which if configured appropriately with student names and logins, could pull more robust data about individual users.

Hi George,
Are you by chance working in the Takoradi area? We have a couple deployments there plus one in Tarkwa & one in Prestea.
We hope to add two more schools in Takoradi the end of May/first of June.

I appreciate the details, thank you!