Delete file from uploads

Hello, I am trying to set up a Rachel Server on Pi. I have the content working and was trying to figure out the upload a file to share. I have a file that I uploaded just to see how it worked. I want to delete the file and logged in as admin. I can’t figure out how to delete the file. I searched and somebody else asked the question but it was never answered.

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hi @JFJ - we don’t have a good way to do that on the raspberry pi (rachel-pi). you can boot to a desktop environment with a monitor and delete the files out of “uploads”.

In an offline world without admins and passwords, we had to choose to allow or not allow deletion generally.

I am pretty MS-Dos and Win fluent but I want to make sure that I am following you as I am a Linux newby. I used Putty to access my Pi via my network and got into the Linux file system. I had a random pic of one of my farm gates that I was named gate.jpg. I can’t seem to be able to find the file or where it is stored. I did the “ls” command and tried to drill down into all of the subdirectories that I could. Do you know where the uploads directory is?

I FOUND THE SOLUTION: (Hope that this helps someone else) The files were located at: pi@rachel:/var/www/modules/en-file_share/uploads $ ls

I found where the file was but was unable to get to it without drilling down level by level. Then I was able to delete it. Like I said, I am new to Linux and I probably did it the hard way but it worked.

Also,if I had a series of service manuals that I wanted to share, is there a way to organize them into groups; ie tractor, well pump, satellite etc?

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Yes, just put the files in folders before dumping it all into that uploads directory.