Deploying Rachel in rural community schools

This product was introduced to me last night by a friend. We are non-profit organization here in US but have significant presence in Nigeria, especially in the healthcare sector.
This will be a great educational program for the rural elementary and high schools.
For those schools that already have computer labs, can one purchase a single Rachel-Plus (server) and plug-in the 30 existing computer workstations.


Welcome! Yes, that is what RACHEL-Plus is designed for–bringing content to a whole classroom of computers.

If the computers can connect to WiFi, then all you need to do is turn RACHEL on. If the computers cannot connect to WiFi, you can set up a wired network using RACHEL and a router–at least a few others on this forum have already done this, you can find a few threads by searching for “wired network” about it and post your questions if needed.

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You would do well to use a 48port switch and cat 5 cable. I have a lot here in the uk but I’m sure you can get them from colleges and the like. Things go much better with wire but of course you will have to tidy the cables. Make sure the switches are 1gig anything less is not worth the effort.

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Thanks for the information.@ NicoleC and giakonda.

@giakonda - May I have your contact number and email address for future guidance.