Deployment arrangements - costs risks benefits

Dear Rachel Community

I am thinking of encouraging Rachel deployment in PNG howeevr it striikes me there are a number of way of using this resouurce and IO can t see any studies or narrative that compare these.

Examples are
Single point access- Using Rachel as a Teacher resource only for teachers to dip into and take out work to do with their class.
Single point access plus student viewing - As above but Using Rachel as a Teaching resource also and teachers using the integrated media. (Requires, of course, a presenter kit (projector or wide screen TV and speakers
Single Point access plus multi-student independent access- more akin to the A Khan courses - that the students follow the course and inputs independently. Requires classroom distribution of technologies platforms

Each must have their benefits costs and risks and a variety of contexts that make them more or less appropriate this means mapping and articulation of failures adn successes this might help me steer my decision making

Many Thanks Aaron

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Hi @Aaron

I’d recommend you start here: Deployment Wiki (Start Here)

The first link in the Wiki there gives most of my thoughts as it relates to what you’re talking about. Let’s have the follow-up discussion there for particular questions.