Deployment in the Democratic Republic of Congo

I see that there is no country listed for the DR Congo. I have been sending computers to the DRC and now intend to drop the contents of the French RACHEL-USB package onto these PCs and deploy them into Computer Training Centres in order to teach basic computer literacy and beginner IT and business courses.The computers are also used in schools to provide practical training for students learning computer skills in high school.

I wanted to post this as an FYI and to let you know of future success or failure in the future when I am next back from the DRC myself. I see that there will be a use for a RACHEL device in the future however I need to establish a use case and suitable location before taking one over there.

Has anyone done this kind of work before (sending computers loaded with RACHEL) and have any helpful advice on the topic. I know World Computer Exchange use RACHEL pre-loaded on there Ubuntu machines.


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