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WIKI: Resources for Implementing RACHEL-based Projects

Please add to this list – it can be edited by any logged-in forum user. Just click on the three dot icon below this post, and then the pencil icon.

Deploying RACHEL


RACHEL Content

World Possible Field Reports

Tutorial Videos

Deployment Videos

RACHEL in the Press

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Should be a wiki now - which just means anyone can edit it. So… anyone… go ahead and edit :slight_smile:


Yes, it is a wiki, but the only visible difference is the green pencil (history) icon. I would have expected a bigger visual clue that it’s a wiki page, but it works.

Perhaps start each wiki subject with the prefix "WIKI: " (Which I added. Delete if you disagree.)

Note that there is no “Edit Lock”, so if you try to change a wiki post and it doesn’t stick, it means that someone else was editing it at the same time.

Sounds good to me – I agree the little green pencil is too subtle a distinction.


You might want to take advantage of Discourse’s “your topic is similar to” feature but creating a fixed “FAQ” or “Documentation” forum that copies and links to all of the existing support documentation on your websites.

Ex, All of the items linked from the page.

(Unless there is some way to get Discourse to recognize other pages, but a quick search didn’t reveal any.)

Currently, the amount of posts probably doesn’t warrant the effort, but a thought for the future.



@jeremy, our non-profit do deployments of accessible educational technology to schools for people with disabilities in the Philippines and hopefully in other places as well. While we provide Internet connectivity to these schools and the connection is for the most part OK, we really like the idea of using offline/local network sharing and reduce the dependency on the Internet.

We got introduced to this from local hackathons although I have not personally worked with one of your devices.

I am wondering what options are available to be able to host some of this content in the local network without the wifi part as we handle that differently. If this is better in a private conversation, is your contact information available here somewhere? Thanks!

Hi, just want to say that this wiki is a great idea. I will bookmark it and try to contribute. perhaps you need to create a highly visible link in a prominent spot on your website, otherwise this editable post could disappear amongst the other posts. I have already found some useful stuff here that I had not found before.

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